The Blue Danube Cycle Route, Germany, Austria.

Ride around Lake Constance, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Sydney Harbour Bridge ride

Great WA Bike Ride – Western Australia’s South West

New Zealand’s West Coast and Glaciers ride.

Amsterdam to Marken Island – riding the wind.

Classico Boretti – through the countryside chasing 5000 Dutch riders

Amsterdam’s 10 most beautiful streets

Zeeland – a tour of Dutch dykes

Denmark- Bornholm Island

Amsterdam- Waterland

500km across Holland- the Pieterpad

Belgium- Flemish Cycle route

Ireland – Connemara

England – Hardy country, Dorset

Great Victorian Bike Ride- across Gippsland

Sydney to Wollongong

10 responses to “GREAT RIDES

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  3. Damien Jameson

    Hi Richard

    Checking your Great Rides … and the WA number doesn’t feature?
    In any case … thought of you this evening … the ISS went overhead in absolute magnificence in mid-to-late autumn dusk. With the shuttke attached it was even more brilliant …. and it was visible for the entire traverse.
    Too beautiful.
    Hope its all good for you right now. Love to Agnes. Take care and avoid all ducks


  4. Try Cycle Queensland’s Port Douglas to Mission Beach over the Atherton Tablelands later this year (2013) – did this in 2006. Highly recommend it.

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  6. Will

    Hi Richard,

    Thought you might enjoy this piece about a Dutch bike path:

  7. Hi Richard. Canada has some great cycling trails. If you ever get over this way, check out the 200-km P’tit train du nord just north of Montreal. Here’s a link to my album of the trip:

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