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HARVEST HOME – Ressen, Gelderland

Bringing people and food together.

Bringing people and food together.

I bet it isn’t always a picnic running a Michelin-starred restaurant. Ron Blaauw’s Ron’s Gastrobar is just down the road from our place in Amsterdam, though we’ve never eaten there, assuming it was out of our league and beyond our budget.

So it was an unexpected bonus when our friend Carla suggested we visit Mr Blaauw’s Oogstfeest (Harvest Festival) at providore/farmer Edwin Flores’ farm in the village of Ressen, an hour’s drive east of the capital. For a knockdown EUR12.50 all-inclusive entry fee, Ron Blaauw generously turned on a super picnic.

150 lucky visitors were invited to join celebrity chefs and their students to share a ‘lazy Sunday’. Continue reading

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NSW BIKE WEEK – our contribution

The grandsons and their father head off to school and work.

The grandsons and their father head off to school and work.

I’m delighted to be able to report that the Tulloch family is getting in early on NSW Bike Week, a laudable initiative promoting cycling in the state.

Yes, I know there is something wrong in the photo above. Cycling three abreast is not permitted and this blogger doesn’t condone such daredevil activity. Standing in the middle of the road in front of oncoming cyclists is also not recommended, even when it’s needed to take an action shot. In mitigation, I can assure readers that the road is a quiet cul-de-sac and on a designated Sydney bike route.

The family rides regularly, not only during Bike Week. There should be more of it!


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THE NEW PLAY – seriously funny

Coming very soon...

Coming very soon…

The self-inflating underpants fail to blow up. The rehearsal stops. It’s not my problem; I’m just the writer.

‘The underpants inflate, almost smothering Terry’ says the line in my script. Somebody else will work out how to make them do this. There’s a team of talented, dedicated professionals in the rehearsal room, and they’re taking those self-inflating underpants very seriously.

Because creating The 26-Storey Treehouse: Live on Stage is a serious business. Continue reading


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