Sentier Cathare, 250km trail through Languedoc, France.

Trekking Morocco’s M’Goun Valley.

Circuit of Sydney Harbour

Hiking Karwendel, near Innsbruck, Austria

El Camino de Santiago – Spain.

Dingle Way – County Kerry, Ireland

Iceland – the Deserted Inlets of the north-east

France – the mighty GR5 Alpine route

Lake Waikaremoana – fabulous New Zealand forest

Nepal – simply the best trekking there is.

Blue Mountains, New South Wales – the Six Foot Track

Tour de Mont Blanc – Switzerland

Walking festivals 2010
– meet locals, save money, have fun!

Hollyford Track, New Zealand

Innsbruck, Austria

World’s greatest one day walk?

New Zealand

Ireland – West Cork

500km across Holland

The Alkmaar 4 Daagse – Holland.

Germany’s Taunus mountains

Japan – Kamakura

Tasmania – South Coast Track

France – Pyrenees

Tasmania – Cradle Mountain

19 responses to “GREAT WALKS

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  3. Georgie Cavanagh

    Hi Richard,
    Fantastic blog…I’ve been following your stories for a few months now. Last year I backpacked around the globe writing for the Sunday Herald Sun Escape called the Adventures of Georgie & Jess.

    I now love keeping update with other travel writers and their adventures.

    I now am back in the PR game working for Haystac who looks after Quest Serviced Apartments – more than 125 properties around Australia, NZ & Fiji. Not sure if you do much travel writing around Australia but if so please let me know and I can definitely arrange acc for you.


    • Thanks for the encouragement, Georgie – as a fellow writer, you will know we need all the ego boosting we can get! I’m in Europe for the next few months, but thanks for the offer and will bear it in mind when I’m back downunder. Cheers, Richard.

  4. Penny Azar

    Hi Richard. As all things internet I got here by either fate or accident. Whichever how enjoyable it is. Today it was through Facebook. That’s what is nice about it. I love watching the Tour de France on SBS – I watch the scenery 🙂
    I’ll Facebook you.


  5. Richard-Hope you get a few gret hikes in while you are in the Bagni area-we own a little flat 10 minutes from Bagni-some great areas to walk and LOADS of crazy men cycling the tiny curvey roads! Go to the visitor center in towna nd they can hook you up with the hiking group.

    • I’m not ready to become one of the crazy men on the bike here, Melonie, but I am seriously checking out the hiking possibilities for a return visit. It looks excellent and Club Alpino Italia seems to have the area well covered with the refugios we’ll need.

  6. Mavis Roberts, Mrs.

    Do you have, or propose to have, walking holidays in China, taking in Shanghai as a city experience?
    Thankyou, M.Roberts.

  7. Nomadic Photographers

    Have you tried the Larapintra Trail through the West Macs outside Alice Springs. If not you should add to your bucket list! It’s 223km’s of the most amazing scenery Central Australia has to offer.

  8. My gosh, thanks so much for this!

  9. Great blog Richard, Did you walk all these trails?
    Sadly I didn’t have time to read everything yet but I will be back 🙂
    Scotland have a new trail you might be interested in, I know I am and I’m looking into how to find the time next year or god forbid 2014.

    Scottish National Trail:

  10. Great site mate.
    Have you heard about the Evliya Celebi way in Turkey? It looks like an amazing trek but I cant seem to find much info about it.

  11. A great compilation …

    Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  12. Michael Williams

    Hi Richard, Nice to catch up with what you are up to. It’s been a while. Remember co-editing Nexus at Ormond over 45 years ago? All the best, Michael

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