Gong Ride09 010
So ends another great Sydney event – the annual ride through suburbs, national park and beachfront to Wollongong. If you
want to do it next year, book early – places are limited. See

Gong Ride09 020
The Tour in numbers:

$2,656,025 raised for MS charity,

10,000 riders,

500 volunteers,


41 photos, most useless due to bike cam wobble,

7am start (on a Sunday, mind!)

5 hours on the road

2 very sore legs,

1 ice bath required, ditto massage

0 stitches needed this time
Gong Ride09 025


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4 responses to “SYDNEY TO THE GONG bike ride

  1. seems like an interesting ride for bike addicts

  2. The ride through the rainforest in Royal National Park along the Hacking River is beautiful, dappled sunshine, tall trees, turpentine smell, then you emerge from the forest, after a good climb, at the escarpment with a fabulous view south over the ocean to Wollongong. Then there is a fast steep descent to Stanwell Park (I blew a tyre one year nearing the bottom) and a few kilometres later the Seacliff Bridge, as good a bit of bridge engineering as any in the world.

    The last section, along the coast to the “Gong, can be either good or bad, depending on the wind. A strong southerly makes it a real struggle.

    Everyone needs to give this ride a go sometime, but preferably with a bit of training.

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