CAPE CLEAR, IRELAND – where cars go to die

Cape Clear Island - the most southerly part of Ireland.

Cape Clear Island makes its own rules, it seems, especially about motor vehicles.

It’s a 45-minute ferry ride from the mainland, and visitors arrive to find a quiet little paradise.

Boats bob in North Harbour below the island's graveyard.

Since it’s only a few kilometres long, there’s no need for a police presence, and apparently no need for car insurance and rego inspections.

Residents leave their good car parked by the jetty in Baltimore and get around the island in vehicles like these:

The moving parts sound like they're held together with gaffer tape too.

If your car leaks anyway, why bother with a rear window?

Who cares about a bit of rust?

Anything that keeps going is fine.

The writer was the guest of Failte Ireland.


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5 responses to “CAPE CLEAR, IRELAND – where cars go to die

  1. I’m certain that the Irish Tourist Board would endorse such unique travel arrangements. No doubt someone’s panel beating service has a few fringe benefits!

  2. Angela Highstead

    Richard I was on Cape Clear in 1978. I loved it. A little Irish colleen followed me up to the tops of the cliffs. She was only 8 years old but knew all the history, names of the wildflowers and all about the wee folk. Her Dad was the warden of the youth hostel. A very happy three days for me. I still think of it sometimes.

    • Thanks Angela – it was my second trip out there too, and I hope not the last!

    • Luz

      Hi Angela, I believe I was that very “colleen”! We lived at the east end of Cape for two years and then moved into the hostel in 1978. I think I even remember that walk – was there another hosteller who came with us? This article was pointed out to me by a friend, originally from Belfast, who used to visit Cape a lot, who read it & believed it referred to me. I hope you’re keeping well and get back to visit Cape Clear some time.
      Best regards,

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