GREAT WA BIKE RIDE, AUSTRALIA – re cycling tall timber

Some of Australia's greatest forest is in Western Australia's South West. And how better to see it than from a bike saddle?

But lycra and cycling cleats are not the ideal clothing for climbing a mighty karri tree.

There were plenty of hills among the tall timber...

..and when dawn broke over Karridale, we were ready to start all over again. Thanks, Kerfuffle Winery for lending us your paddock.


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14 responses to “GREAT WA BIKE RIDE, AUSTRALIA – re cycling tall timber

  1. Looks like an excellent place to be cycling, Richard. Envy you that.

  2. Some fantastic photos, Richard! I’m jealous.

  3. Tim

    Ah, got to love those karrri trees. My wife’s family are from Perth, so I have grown to love those mighty trees. A shame so many of WA’s timber towns are now little more than ghost towns.

  4. Karri trees are magnificent aren’t they? It looks like a great place to ride.

  5. Thanks for the comments, John, Beate, Tim and BdL,

    It’s not all that easy to get to the south west of Australia, but highly recommended. I think this is the best ride I’ve done in Australia for varied scenery, and things to do along the way,

    And Tim, the old timber towns aren’t doing so badly – tourism is bringing some life and charm to places like Balingup and Bridgetown. Margaret River is booming thanks to wine of course.

    And tomorrow we finish the ride in Manjimup in time for their annual show weekend. I’ll be interested to see what it’s like.

    • Tim

      That’s good to hear about the timber towns, Richard.

      Ah, Margaret River wineries. I forget exactly which one we were at, but it was here that I tried pink port for the first time … 🙂

  6. Damien Jameson

    Thanks Richard for youwonderful old friend company on this most magnificent of weeks. As you know I am now a dedicated (fledgling) distance rider and love every metre. From an age-ing mountain bike rider to a new lease of life road rider I’m hooked. Great pics but I think I should feature just to prove its never too late.

    And by the way … 15 minutes on the laptop on Sunday afternoon solved all (but one) of my GPS problems (it still thinks I’m in Peru).

    I reccommend this experience to anyone capable of balancing on two wheels and thinking of an adventure. It was a wonderful week.

  7. Yes yes!! I’m just home from W.A after what was certainly a phenomenal ‘week in another world’. Doing the ride solo, I didn’t have great expectations, in fact prepared myself for a week of riding and not much else. How wrong could I be! Made the best of friends, drank my weight in wine tasting, swam in the most beautiful beaches and rode through awe inspiring forests. Look out for my full report in the June issue of The Wheeler magazine. and see you all on the next ride!

  8. michael

    I’m so envious of you & Damien. What a great way to catch up! Never been in a Karri forest, but I remember the overpowering feeling of travelling through dense eucalypt forest in NSW & Vic. – completely magical & awesome. Makes one feel how small humans are, how huge nature is. While you guys were doing that, I was riding an old hired bike around Vientiane, Laos, for 3 days (Thai visa trip). Not quite the same thing, but lovely, nevertheless.

  9. We have big trees here in British Columbia too. See ’em before they’re gone. 🙂

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