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Bergerac street

L’Imparfait (‘The Imperfect’). Sounds like my kind of place.

Mevrouw T and I will be back in la belle France fairly soon. It’s high time I did something to improve my shamefully inadequate high school French.

Year after year I’ve been promising to do this; this year, I’m getting serious. But I’m finding brushing up my French isn’t all plain sailing. Apparently they’ve invented a lot of new words since last I struggled through Balzac and Flaubert at uni. Continue reading


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Not a bad place to have an office.

It’s become a regular Lunar New Year excursion for us – first to Singapore, then on to run a Writers’ Camp at lovely Telunas Beach in the Riau Islands.

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SUNSTRUCK – my new obsession


I love them so much I have to go and look at them every time the sun emerges from the clouds. When it doesn’t come out, my mood is immediately…well, less sunny.

Mevrouw T and I decided to do the right thing by the planet. It’s cost us a certain sum of money; that was expected. What I wasn’t prepared for was the tax on my time.

Monitoring the performance of our shiny new solar panels is taking over my life. Here’s why… Continue reading


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VISITING ASIA – without leaving home


It could be a street scene in any south-east Asian country. Except it’s not.

‘Mr Tulloch, my students love your book and it would be great if you could come to meet them.’

It was 1988, and I’d just written my first children’s picture book, a collection of very simple stories for young children entitled, unimaginatively but honestly, Stories from our House. It had the advantage of wonderful illustrations by Julie Vivas, famous for her work in Possum Magic,  Australia’s best selling picture book of all time.

I was flattered by the teacher’s invitation and arranged the visit, a little nervous about what would happen when I got there. Reading the stories would take five minutes. What could I offer after that?

‘Where is your school, exactly?’


I’d heard of Cabramatta, and what I’d heard was not good.

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