ICELAND – hiking with vikings

This fiord is known for its fog, but we caught it on a good day.

I’m sorry, Tasmania, Swiss Alps, New Zealand and even you, Himalayas. You’ve each just been knocked down one place in my ‘world’s most spectacular hiking destination’ list.

Five days tramping around the ‘Deserted Inlets’ of Iceland’s east coast have shot it to number one in the rankings for scenery, challenging terrain within safe limits and ‘having the place to yourself-ness’.

They call it 'Iceland' for a reason.

But it isn't always cold and grey. Nice spot for a beach house.

It's up and down all the way, but mostly up.

Alone in the world. In five days of hiking we never met another group on the track.

You can take your time and walk all day. It won't be dark until September. I took this shot at midnight.

There are wild rivers to cross, but Inga is up to the challenge.

Wading across works just as well.

Hiking at the edge of the world.

It's the highest peak in the area, but only 771metres, so of course we climbed it.

The team on top.

Thanks, Inga and Jon from Icelandic Mountain guides for the attentive, knowledgeable and caring guiding, and thanks Jo, Rob, Margarida, Helena, Silvia, Alex and Lore for being such great company.

There’ll be more on this blog once I finish writing (and selling!) the full report. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed the pics.

PRACTICAL INFORMATION: Guided five day tours Hiking at the End of the World can be booked through 50 Degrees North. For more information, CLICK HERE.

The writer was the guest of 50 Degrees North.


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13 responses to “ICELAND – hiking with vikings

  1. I had no idea I wanted to go to Iceland, but now I do. What a stunning place! That top shot is brilliant.

  2. Duncan Ball

    Fantastic photos, Richard! It looks wonderful. I’ve been to Iceland twice. Now I wish I’d left the airport. Cheers, Duncan

    • The airport is certainly not a highlight, Duncan, especially not at 11.45pm. Though it was surprisingly light for that late hour. It was still light two hours later when I finally reached my hotel bed. And again at 7.00am when I was picked up for the trek.

  3. Richard, you didn’t by any chance win the Tour de France recently, did you? They’re talking about a guy called Cadel, but he looked a lot like you, and I thought there might have been some mistake. He looked a bit younger than you, but I haven’t seen you for a while, and I know you’ve been doing a lot of exercise lately…especially bike riding.

  4. Robuk

    Hi Richard, great shots and a great trip. Thanks for keeping us entertained with your stories and impressions – your ‘Ainsley’ was uncanny…We are in the fog and rain in hofn suffering withdrawal symptoms from the trek. Just about to order some skyr, it is not the same as quark you know…

    • Thanks Rob, for reminding me about the quark/skyr…worth a mention in the real article.

      And yes, ladies and gentlemen, with a bit of boot polish, a head shave, high heels and some cooking lessons, I’d be a dead ringer for Ainsley.

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  6. Beautiful – that peak looks quite lovely!

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  8. petit4chocolatier

    Breath taking!

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