Sept 11. Nice to be back in Singapore, just for the night this time, en route to a writing camp in lovely Telunas Beach, in Indonesia’s Riau Islands, about which I’ll write more through the week. But here I’m staying in the Lavender area, close to Little India. It’s most notable for a huge range of cheap eating possibilities. I passed on the pig organ soup above, but maybe it tastes better than it sounds.

And if you’re eating amphibians, make sure they’re eminent ones, not from a subsidiary branch…
We cyclists are not too keen on signs like this one either, though fortunately it’s not a city-wide ban in Singapore – only at a particular point.

This was upstairs in the bus taking me from Melaka to Singapore. Maybe it doubles as a school bus sometimes.

I’m sure I’ll find plenty more such signs, in other places around the world too, now I’ve thought to look out for them. I’ll add more to the post as they turn up.

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