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The Slovak National Theatre is a sort of reverse Tardis - big and grand on the outside, surprisingly intimate inside.

The Slovak National Theatre is a sort of reverse Tardis – big and grand on the outside, surprisingly intimate inside.

I had to hold back on a full report on my brief stay in the Slovakian capital. Now this article has been published in the paying press I can release it on the blog.

That’s a fine way to start a new year, and Bratislava is well worth a few days of any traveller’s time…

We canny travellers don’t usually buy the most expensive opera seats, but in Bratislava I make an exception. They’re a fraction of the price of the cheapest seats in that swanky opera house in that swanky city up the river.

I had my brilliant ‘Visit Bratislava’ idea just seconds after blanching at the hotel prices in neighbouring Vienna, the only place where I’ve seen ATMs issue €100 banknotes. They know you’ll need them there. Continue reading


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WORLD’S CHEAPEST CITIES – and those fast being unfriended

Where in the world can you stay 38.9 nights on an accommodation budget of 100 British pounds? Okay, not counting Mum’s place or your mate’s cousin’s sofa.

What is the destination fastest being abandoned by budget travellers? Where are the new hotspots? In which city can you find wifi in every hotel and hostel?

There are some surprises in the figures I’ve been sent by budget accommodation experts HostelBookers. Continue reading


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AMSTERDAM FOR MISERS – 10 tips for cheap fun

It costs nothing to look at one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

As a renowned scrooge, usually travelling on a tight budget (read: ‘my own money’), I’m regularly asked for advice about finding cheap fun in otherwise expensive cities.

Continue reading


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100 FREE THINGS TO DO IN AUSTRALIA – (my ‘done that’ count: 51)

Phillip Island, Victoria. Just looking costs nothing.

Thanks to Leo who contacted me with the Tourism Australia list of 100 things people can do for free in our country.

I was delighted with all the ‘hits’ and the comments on my previous blog post about Tourism Australia’s latest glamorous ad, apparently catering to the glamorous potential visitor.

We skinflint locals know that there are plenty of things to do DownUnder that won’t cost anything but the time and trouble (okay, a bit of transport money too) you take to get there.

I love lists, so of course I picked through Tourism Australia’s top 100 freebees, ticking off the ones I’d done. I scored 51.

Here are my top 10 ‘been there, done that’ Australia for tightwads experiences, in no particular order: Continue reading


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CHEAP FUN IN PARIS No.1 – Marche aux Puces


Nearly everyone in the Western World has too much stuff and the Parisians apparently have more stuff that the rest of us.

It’s all fine and dandy if you’re Louis the Sun King and have hundreds of rooms in the Palais de Versailles to fill, but when the time comes to downsize, say when the kids leave home or there’s a French Revolution, what happens to the things you’ve accumulated in a lifetime of shopping?  Sure, the Musee du Louvre may take some of it off your hands, but there will still be a lot of clutter up in the attic.

So the surplus gold clocks, teddy bears, Louis XIV chairs and old magazines end up in the Marche aux Puces, the biggest flea market in town, if not the world. It stocks a very high class of flea. Continue reading


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AIR BnB – a way to afford Paris

Looks brilliant, Jerome, but a bit big for the two of us.

Mevrouw T and I need somewhere to stay in Paris. Somewhere affordable. Must be central. Without rats. Or bedbugs. Oh, and if possible no flights of stairs between bed and bathroom.

It was a slightly depressing quest. Even a one- or no-star hotel would cost us EUR100+ a night and most of the ones we looked at had only fair to poor reviews on booking.com and TripAdvisor. So we switched our search to www.airbnb.com. Continue reading


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