The Museumplein, with the Rijksmuseum just visible about the thousands of tourists making selfies with the I amsterdam sign.

Who wouldn’t be happy to be back in Amsterdam, working off a 24-hour flight by gently pedalling a bike around the parks on a sunny spring Sunday? 

We’ve seen the famous Keukenhof Gardens often enough; they’re lovely, extremely busy, quite expensive and a bit of an effort to get to (though a solid bike ride would do it). Fortunately this year we don’t have to fight our way out there.

April is the month of the Tulp Festival – no, not a typo, the Dutch for ‘tulip’ is ‘tulp’.
800,000 bulbs have been planted in 60 locations around town. In our jet lagged state we’re certainly not going to see them all today, but here’s a selection…


Between the Van Gogh and the Stedelijk Museums.


The path leading to the Concertgebouw (Concert Hall).


The tulips aren’t yet in full bloom in the Vondelpark…



…but it’s lovely anyway, even if getting a seat at a terrace in the sun isn’t easy.

The Tulp Festival runs right through the month, finishing on April 30th, 2016.


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2 responses to “TULIPS IN AMSTERDAM

  1. Edith Mes

    Great photo’s Richard! Also in North Amsterdam, het IJ and the Eye and in the Van de Pekstraat. Welcome back/home in Amsterdam. Edith

  2. You do know they planted the tulips to welcome you back, don’t you? 😉

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