HOLLAND – responsible peeing in Amsterdam canals


This sounds like a joke but apparently it’s a serious problem. At least 51 people died in Amsterdam canals over the past three years, most of them gentlemen who lost consciousness and toppled forwards while relieving themselves.

The state authorities have produced a safety video pointing out the dangers of this seemingly harmless activity, and demonstrating how to empty the bladder in non-life-threatening ways.

It’s in Dutch, though short, and the pictures tell the story. Here’s the link to the YouTube hit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMPm3RnRBuk

Thanks to Mevrouw T for bringing this breaking news to my attention. I can put my hand on my heart and say I have never peed in an Amsterdam canal (that’s what kerbside flowerbeds are for) but I will now know what to do when caught short.

I’ll also take care in future never to drink canal water unless I’m really very thirsty.


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8 responses to “HOLLAND – responsible peeing in Amsterdam canals

  1. shawjonathan

    Thank you so much for that Richard and Mevrouw T. In my ignorance I would have asked the batman if there was a toilet. Now I’ll know to ask for a long metal tube.

  2. Do I have to take my own grey tube with me??

  3. Jeroen

    Haha, that’s very funny. There are no canals in the Dutch town where I grew up, so this problem didn’t occur. Just do it in the alley way instead, much saver.

  4. Kellygirl59

    How do women pee in the canal from the edge? Do I push my jeans and panties to my knees and back my rear over the water?

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