Photography in motion.

The police motorcycles ride in front, the ambulances follow at the back.  In between come the in-liners, in a massive phalanx.

This was on a Sunday afternoon, so it was not the famed Pari Roller event. This roll involved only a hundred or so skaters, but it was impressive all the same.

Pari Roller takes place on a Friday evening, from about 10pm to 1am, and involves thousands of skating enthusiasts, following a different route of about 30km through the Paris streets each week.

It would be a wonderful thing to do, for those who can skate, but there is no way I will be personally participating. Mevrouw T was the best roller-skater in her street. I can only stay upright on a rink when I have a railing to clutch.

So I was happy to stay on the sidelines and point the camera.

That wasn’t a doddle either, you understand. People on skates move fast. I’d read about how to capture motion shots. To get a sharp image I needed to pick out someone in the crowd, follow them smoothly with the camera, press the shutter and keep the camera sweeping with them after taking the shot.

I know I wasn’t always successful but practice (and some luck) will make perfect.


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4 responses to “FREEWHEELING PARIS No. 1 – Pari Rollers

  1. Fabulous! And you did pretty well too, Richard:)

  2. Thanks WLG, and it was good practice for taking cycling shots too.

  3. Telma

    Hi , Luke and I did this when we were last in beautiful Paris . It was one of the best things that we had done in a long time. We highly recommend it.

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