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2b or not 2b@hamlet #TWITTER MURDERS ENGLISH! OMG!!!

Are texting and tweeting, online chatting and emailing destroying people’s ability to write good English? Or is resistance to change in the language coming from a few pedants who still want to see a double ‘m’ and an ‘e’ on the end of ‘computer programme’?

This week I’ve been at the excellent Newington College Literature Festival, leading writing workshops for Year 5 students and telling my stories to younger children.

A lively evening panel discussion examined “Language in the Digital Age” and raised the questions above. Continue reading


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CYCLING BY PROXY – other people’s fun

I’ve just ridden across France, up the Alps and then the whole length of New Zealand. It only took me a couple of weeks and I hardly raised a sweat. Because I did it by reading.

My own cycling recently has been limited to gentle rides to the rehearsal room.

I’ve been pleasantly tied up working on a couple of new theatre shows. You’ll doubtless hear more about them on this blog as the time to buy tickets approaches.

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying reading about two other people’s cycling feats and had the pleasure of meeting the writers. Continue reading


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Welcome to Jang Island, Telunas writers!

The visitors.

There’s a lot of interest in the visitors. They don’t have many on Jang Island.

We are expected.

On the rough jetty between rickety stilt houses, a guard of honour is forming. Kids from the Jang Island school beat out a deafening rhythm on hand drums as our open pancung boat pulls up and we file ashore.

Twenty students, two teachers and a visiting Australian author have come to do a writers’ camp at Telunas Beach Resort, in Indonesia’s lovely Riau Islands, a couple of hours across the water from Singapore. Each morning we set off on a different adventure. Each afternoon we gather back at Telunas to discuss and write about our experience.

There is never a shortage of material. Continue reading


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OUT OF OFFICE AUTOREPLY – back soon(ish)

We'll be somewhere near here. Naturally I can't give really specific info or the paparazzi will be around.

We’ll be somewhere near here. Naturally I can’t give really specific details or the paparazzi will be lurking in the bushes hoping to glimpse us.

I’m taking a little time off. Back soon. But first a thankyou…

Thanks to all the people who’ve visited this blog during the year, even if you were just researching a school project on the Aboriginal flag or Googling ‘buildings that look like penises’, ‘goddess Kali’ or ‘poo’. It’s a regular source of cheap entertainment for me to log on each morning and see the search terms people entered. I hope at least some of you found what you were looking for.

It is encouraging to a blogger to see visits growing, followers signing up and a steady stream of thoughtful, interesting comments being added. I’ve met some lovely people in cyberspace this year.

Thanks again, visitors. Stay safe over the holiday period, drive carefully and don’t overindulge and cause damage that can’t be rectified by a therapeutic walk or bike ride.

I look forward to regaling you with more tall tales and true of our travel adventures very soon.


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Photo: Fairfax media – Sahlan Hayes

Australia’s most popular writer died last night.

I had lunch with him once. He was pleasant company and I was flattered by the encouragement of someone so successful. I never met him again. Continue reading


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Do you just ‘like’ me or do you REALLY like me?

Regular visitors to my blog may have noticed that I’ve suddenly become much more popular. My recent posts are followed by charming little thumbnail shots of people who say they ‘like’ them.

Some of those people are lying. You know who you are. Unfortunately I don’t. Continue reading


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