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AROUND SYDNEY HARBOUR – Day 8, Woolwich to Greenwich

House prices in Longueville are among Australia's highest. Unfortunately for walkers, homeowners get most of the views and we get to see their fences, with only water glimpses between them.

I timed the ferry as it came across Sydney Harbour from Woolwich to collect me at the Greenwich wharf – 113 seconds. Trekking the circuitous overland route between the two points took me over four hours, and it wasn’t all as picturesque as the above photo suggests. Continue reading

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SYDNEY HARBOUR DAY 7 – Kokoda to Woolwich

Hunters Hill from the Tarban Creek Bridge

The logistics of this epic journey are getting trickier as I move towards the North Shore. We common folk of the Inner West don’t often get over to the side where the gentry live.

Today I rode the bike to Rhodes, the point at which I left off last week. The highlight there is the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway, filling a space between the Parramatta River and an Ikea store. It seems incongruous, and I’m still mystified as to why Rhodes should be the site for this memorial to the legendary World War II campaign in Papua New Guinea. Continue reading


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