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SINGAPORE’S LITTLE INDIA – hotels, restaurants, and a guided walk

Regular readers of RT’s LOTR will know I was in Singapore a few weeks ago.

Here’s the full story of my stay in Little India, the part of the city that I’ve come to know best, and which I was writing about for Sydney’s Sun-Herald newspaper. Continue reading


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DON’T MESS WITH KALI – Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Singapore

I was assured that Kali only does this sort of thing to people who've been very bad.

My favourite Hindu god is Ganesha, the one with the elephant head, the god of wisdom, patron of arts and sciences and the Remover of Obstacles.

He’s the god we non-Hindus all recognise, but I didn’t know much about him until my guide Charlotte took me into the Veeramakaliamman Temple in Singapore.

I like him even better now, though I’m not so keen on Kali, who eats people’s entrails and seems to enjoy it. Continue reading


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