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Teylers Museum. Polished wood and creaky floors – the way a good museum used to be.

There are usually queues at Amsterdam’s wonderful Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House, and for good reason.

But The Netherlands has a plethora of other smaller, fascinating museums of things we never knew we were interested in…until now.

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CYCLING AGAIN – Amsterdam to Utrecht

Bikes and chestnut trees by the Oudegracht (old canal). Utrecht is a relaxed town, not yet overrun by tourism.

I’m trying to squeeze as much bike riding as possible into our last weeks in Holland.

Utrecht is only 43km and a couple of hours by bike from Amsterdam. Well, maybe two and a half hours into a howling headwind, with a stop for currant buns and coffee.

There’s a direct, slightly boring road and bike path from Amsterdam to Utrecht beside the Rhine Canal, but yesterday I took the scenic route, past the stately homes and leafy gardens of the rich and ostentatious, along the meandering Vecht River – a beautiful ride through prosperous little villages. Continue reading


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HOUTEN – the price of perfect cycling

Houten cycleway - a million euros per kilometre, but every man and his dog can enjoy it.

Sydney may have got a bargain when it recently spent $200million on a 200km cycle path system, according to Dutch traffic engineer Herbert Tiemens. With his family, he rode the Pieperpad with us for a day and taught us a lot about cycling infrastructure. We knew it was excellent here in the Netherlands, but we had no idea of the cost. Continue reading


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CHERRY PIP SPITTING – the next Olympic sport?

The champ shows how to do it. Head back, tongue curled, spit!

I wouldn’t want anyone to think it’s all work and no play riding the Pieperpad.
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LOST IN NAVIGATION – a Dutch-style family ride

'No, Mum, we came down this road here, so we're looking for number 27'. Andrew wisely leaves the decision making to the girls.

Finding your way around Holland by bike is a no-brainer…um…except in Amsterdam South East.

A foolishly trusting Australian family, seduced by my personal charm, smart new bike with GPS computer and my apparently effortless command of the Dutch language, followed me into Amsterdam’s suburbs. Getting out of them was rather more difficult. Continue reading


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HILVERSUM, NEDERLAND – cycling round ducks and Dudok

Yes, I know. These are grey geese, not ducks.

Mevrouw T has been doing a short architecture course, and knows a lot about W.M. Dudok, the Dutch architect whose masterpieces are on display in Hilversum, the prosperous ‘Media Town’ which produces most of the Dutch radio and television.

It’s an easy ride from Amsterdam, when the wind is at your back. Continue reading


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