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PISTOIA, BARGA, BAGNI DI LUCCA – Tuscan towns worth a visit

The Lima River and Ponte a Serraglio, Bagni di Lucca

We steered clear of the Tuscan tourist traps (Florence, Pisa, Sienna) on this trip and instead concentrated on the lesser-known towns to the north. Good decision! Continue reading


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LUCCA, ITALY – roadside bio-milk

The Latteria.

Our food guide Heather brought us to see this innovative little project. At various roadside stops in Lucca province are mysterious cabins like the one above. Continue reading


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CARRARA, TUSCANY – Michelangelo’s marbles

Monument to the cavatore, the quarry workers, Colonnata.

Michelangelo carved it, mighty cathedrals are built from it, and it’s tiling bad taste bathrooms around the world. Continue reading


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TUSCANY – blessed are the cheesemakers

This is hand-made cheese...

In the tiny north Tuscan village of Vitiana, Marzia makes cheese.

Our local food guide Heather from Sapori e Saperi took us to see how she does it.
Continue reading


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COLLODI, TUSCANY – Pinocchio and Garzoni gardens

Giardino Garzoni. It may be a bit over the top, but at least the water's cool.

Carlo Collodi wasn’t really from the Italian village of Collodi; his mother was. Florentine-born Carlo Lorenzini adopted the pen name Collodi when he began writing Pinocchio and other children’s stories.

That doesn’t stop little Collodi cashing in on the Pinocchio connection for all it’s worth. Continue reading


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LOST IN LUCCA – what to do?

Somewhere in Lucca. Don't ask me where - a lot of it looks like this.

I had the impression people feel a little lost in Lucca, in more ways than one.

The week before we came here, the BBC screened an episode of Top Gear, the motoring program which we never watch except this time, featuring a stunt set in Lucca. Continue reading


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