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We had some fun with this game this week on www.sydneycyclist.com, so I thought I’d post a few pics on RT’s LOTR to see who is paying attention and can identify the spots where any or all of the five shots were taken. I’ve made sure there is a clue in each one. No prizes – just glory, bragging rights and the joy of seeing your name up on a cyberspace honour board. The entrant with the most correct, specific, humorous answers in the comment box wins.

The judge’s decision is final and all correspondence will be cheerfully entered into. Solutions in next week’s blog post.

Where in the world? #1

Where in the world? #2

Where in the world? #3

Where in the world? #4

Where in the world? #5

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MALACCA IN PICTURES – Melaka, Malaysia

Malacca. It’s one of those names, like Rangoon, Timbuktu and Mandalay that conjures up the glory days of the British Empire, when chaps went about in safari suits and pith helmets, swishing malacca canes. Travelling to Malacca should involve a steamer, a bullock cart and leather suitcases.

Since the old town is so small, everywhere is walkable, but riding in a beca (trishaw) is a joyride.

They've painted every old building 'heritage' red and white. This is the old Dutch Christ Church.

Shophouses along Jonker Street become a busy market at night

Santiago Gate is all that's left of the old Portuguese fort. The British demolished the rest.

Not old, but the reconstructed Forbidden Gardens of the reconstructed Sultan's Palace are the nicest place in town.

Old houses (and run-down) houses along the Melaka River

Most people were excited to see this girl miming playing this Chinese instrument in the street. Was she famous or just pretty? No-one could tell me.


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I’m still a beginner with the camera, but sometimes things work out all right. For those who know and care, I have a Panasonic Lumix FZ18.

We had to get up at 5.30am to go to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, but we weren’t the first people out and about. Shot from our apartment’s balcony.

This little boy was at Singapore’s Juriong Bird Park, feeding the squabbling lorikeets. I like the texture of his mother’s dress behind him.

It was a bad day for taking photos at Fatima, in Portugal, with only one faithful pilgrim in view.

No clever photography here, but look at the location – rafting on Landsborough River, New Zealand


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