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Zeeland, The Netherlands. The shirts read ‘Blijf Jong’ (‘Stay Young’). I’m trying, I’m trying!

Time for another collection of my snapshots of life from our travels around the globe. The world is an amazing place.

My theory is that you can point the camera at pretty much any collection of faces, crop the photo judiciously, and end up with something interesting.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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10 AMSTERDAM IMAGES – my picks of my pics

At last – sunshine!

There are some things we see around town that don’t fit neatly into a blog post, usually because I don’t have a story to go with them.

But I thought these shots were worth sharing. Continue reading


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GIVERNY – impressions of Monet’s garden

The bird in the beech. I’m pleased with this spur of the moment photo. If Claude had spotted this, he may have painted it himself. It almost looks as if he did.

I’d prepared myself for slight disappointment at Monet’s garden in Giverny. Gardens are supposed to be places of relaxation and quiet reflection, ideally not shared with thousands of photographers falling over each other and tumbling into the waterlilies.

Much as I love his paintings, and enjoy excellence in garden design, I knew we’d have to share the moment with others.

I’m pleased to report that the impression was not marred too much by teeming masses.

Here’s our morning, in broad brush strokes… Continue reading


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SATURDAY PHOTO #4 – Skateboarders, Wanaka

Wanaka, New Zealand

Since these boys were playing on a raised skateboard ramp in a park, I didn’t even need to bend down on my creaky knees to get them at eye level.

It took me lots of tries to get a satisfactory shot, because their movements were fast and unpredictable. But I like the shapes their bodies make, and I like the background behind them too – what is usually thought of as a very urban activity against a very rural background.


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SATURDAY PHOTO 3 – Waitomo Dawn

Waitomo Dawn

It’s hard to take a bad photo in New Zealand, and I know it’s a terrible cliche to photograph a sunrise (only photos of sunsets are more cliched), but it’s nice to prove I was up at dawn. And on this occasion I did like the mist hanging in the valleys and the contrasting shapes of the trees. My question for anyone who knows more about photography than I do is, how can I intensify the sky colours without completely darkening the landscape?

All suggestions gratefully received!


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I’ve taken hundred of shots of Nepalese children working, playing, framed by windows or being carried on someone’s back. The scruffier and snottier they are, the better. Poverty is so photogenic…unfortunately. I suppose we like to see people cheerfully or stoically getting on with life, whatever their circumstances. Continue reading


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