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SATURDAY PHOTO #4A(oops!)- a slice of life

I’m testing out my theory is that you can cut a slice through any crowd shot and find that the world is full of fascinating people. If only we had time to meet them all!

Aachen, Germany

Kathmandu, Nepal

London, England

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SATURDAY PHOTO #4 – Skateboarders, Wanaka

Wanaka, New Zealand

Since these boys were playing on a raised skateboard ramp in a park, I didn’t even need to bend down on my creaky knees to get them at eye level.

It took me lots of tries to get a satisfactory shot, because their movements were fast and unpredictable. But I like the shapes their bodies make, and I like the background behind them too – what is usually thought of as a very urban activity against a very rural background.


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