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LOVE YOUR WORK, TOM – though shooting that dog was wrong

Tom Otterness's sculptures take pride of place by the esplanade in Scheveningen, near The Hague in the Netherlands.

Tom Otterness’s sculptures take pride of place on the esplanade in Scheveningen, near The Hague in the Netherlands.

We’re very sorry to be missing the always wonderful Sculpture by the Sea event in Sydney this year, but the Dutch have sculpture by the North Sea too.

Googling the American sculptor Tom Otterness, after seeing his work by the beach in Scheveningen, I read that he once filmed himself shooting a dog, for an art film. It cost him some lucrative commissions. He apologised. Not good enough, say some of his critics. He killed the dog in 1977, when he was 25. Is all forgiven? Is it okay to enjoy his work now? Continue reading


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SCULPTURE BY THE SEA – shifted from Scheveningen

The herring eater

One of Holland’s most popular attractions is taking a break for the next two years. Since 2004, American Tom Otterness’s playful sculptures have been a major drawcard at the seafront in Scheveningen, just outside The Hague.

The boy with his finger in the dyke

But as the beachfront undergoes redevelopment until 2012, the sculptures of ‘sprookjes’ (folk tales) had to go. The plan is that they will be back when the work is complete, but I’m glad we were able to see them before they went to the warehouse.

Hansel and Gretel in their cage

My photos are basic, but there are lovely ones to be seen on the official website.


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