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SYDNEY HARBOUR DAY 11 – Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach

Can't get enough of those Sydney Red Gums (angophora costata).

The end is in sight. I estimate I’ll be able to walk around the rest of the harbour foreshore in about three more days. And I’m moving into some of the nicest areas now, at least as far as natural bushland goes. Continue reading


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TARONGA ZOO, SYDNEY – serious questions

A curious overseas visitor.

‘He’s called a mata-mata and he’s come all the way from South America.’

‘Why?’ The five year old of our family is very interested in animals.

The zoo keeper holding the strange-looking turtle is pleased to have an excited customer. ‘He was a present from an American zoo to our Taronga Zoo here in Australia.’

‘When is he going back home?’

‘He’s going to stay here now. He’s not going home.’

‘Does he miss his mummy?’ Continue reading


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