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THINGS I LEARNED LAST NIGHT – at the Sydney Seafood School

I'm not the only one who expects a good meal here.

I’m not the only one who expects a good meal here.

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day and it will taste so bad he’ll never eat raw fish again. Teach a man to cook fish and you give him a lifetime of showing off at dinner parties.

After he’s sourced the ingredients.

I’ve got enough stuff, so when another birthday rolled around it was very smart of my daughter to give me a voucher for a class at the Sydney Seafood School.

I’ve written before about this excellent institution at the Sydney Fish Market, but I can’t praise it highly enough. It’s open to anybody who cares to spend an evening or an afternoon learning to cook two or three fabulous dishes. For locals and visitors it’s time and money very well spent. Continue reading


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SYDNEY SEAFOOD SCHOOL – welcome home, David Thompson!

Cooking is about exploitation says David, and his kitchen staff are so good he's offering to auction them off.

I went to Sunday School this week, joining fifty other disciples worshipping at the feet of David Thompson of nahm (London and Bangkok). He’s arguably the world’s greatest Thai chef, the first one with a Michelin star anyway. Continue reading

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SYDNEY FISH MARKET – lunch break!

Thousand of seagulls can't be wrong.

My circumnavigatory walk of Sydney Harbour has brought me to the Sydney Fish Market. It’s a good place to stop and take a breather, if you don’t mind the fishy smell. Continue reading


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