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FRANS HALS MUSEUM – still life in the old men’s home

The old men who lived here in Frans Hals's time wouldn't have eaten like this.

I’m a big fan of the Haarlem School of still life painting, as exemplified by Willem Claesz Heda and Pieter Claesz. Their work is on show in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, but also in the lovely town of Haarlem, in the Frans Hals Museum.

I’ll write more about Haarlem and Frans Hals in future posts, but this spring there are other still life attractions in the museum, thanks to some nice work by stylist Ruud van der Neut, and the floral arrangers of the Friends of the Frans Hals Museum. All are to be congratulated. Continue reading

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MUSEUM OF SYDNEY – still life after Robyn Stacey

This one should have a tattered musical score, an hourglass and a skull in there somewhere. Photo NOT by Robyn Stacey.

I very much enjoyed the still life photographs by Robyn Stacey whose exhibition House is currently showing at the Museum of Sydney.

Stacey has selected objects from the historic Vaucluse House and Elizabeth Bay House, arranged them superbly, lit them artfully, and produced images to rival the great classical still life painters.

Her expertise is intimidating, but it wasn’t enough to deter me from setting up my own home studio and having a crack at it with the bedside reading lamp. Continue reading


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