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BERGERAC – the town with the big fake nose

Cyrano - Australian readers may notice a striking resemblance to John Bell playing the role at Sydney Theatre Company.

Australian readers may notice a striking resemblance to John Bell playing Cyrano for Sydney Theatre Company many years ago. And is that Roxane at the window?

‘How long will it take us to find a statue of Cyrano in Bergerac?’ I ask as we drive into that French town.

Though there was once a real Cyrano de Bergerac who inspired Edmond Rostand’s classic play about the poet with panache and protruding proboscis, there’s no reason to think he ever visited the town in his lifetime.

That doesn’t stop Bergeracians cashing in on his reputation. We park in front of Boulangerie Cyrano, drink café in Café Cyrano, walk a block and find the man himself in front of Maison Cyrano. Continue reading


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MARILYN MONROE – still pulling a crowd

If she’s not stopping traffic, she’s at least slowing it down.

Chicagoans and visitors to the windy city have only a few more days to look up Marilyn’s skirt. She’s standing 26 feet (5 metres) tall on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue until Monday, then moving to Palm Springs, California.

The work of New Jersey-based artist Seward Johnson has been controversial for the ten months it has been in town. Continue reading


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CESIS, LATVIA – where Lenin is lying in crate

My fellow travellers were doing the guided tour around the ruins of the mediaeval castle, a short drive out of Riga...'First we look at the grounds, then we go inside to see the beautiful restored private parts of the Baron...'

...but I was intrigued by a plaque next to an oversized coffin, stuck away in a corner. I absconded from the group to take a closer look.

It's a surplus Lenin statue. He used to stand in city squares all over Latvia, but now he's been given some time off.

The writer was the guest of Odyssey travel: http://www.odysseytravel.com.au


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