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SNOW ON MARS – another nice win

Rick Everett in Snow on Mars. Photo: Branco Gaica.

My apologies for my recent absence from cyberspace. I can explain, but it would take too long and be too painful for all. Let’s just say a combination of technical disasters, international flights and Children’s Book Week in Australia have come between me and my computer.

Anyway, normal service will be resumed shortly. I hope.

Mevrouw T and I received a terrific welcome home present at the Australian Writers’ Guild AWGIE awards last night. Snow on Mars, the play I was working on last year, was chosen as the nation’s Best Children’s Theatre for 2011.

It had already won Best Production for Children in the Sydney Theatre Awards, but this was an award for the script, so the writer could take a little bow. And make a little speech to those still sober enough to be following proceedings late in the evening.

Thanks to my collaborators Kim Carpenter and Gale Edwards for their tireless input into the script (‘Richard, I’m sorry, but this scene just doesn’t work yet. How about you try another draft?’) and for making it not just a good kids’ show, but a really good play, period. Thanks too to the terrific cast and creative team of Theatre of Image for mounting a spectacular production.

It was a show I was very proud to be part of.

For those who couldn’t get to it in Sydney, there’s a clip of the highlights on YouTube.


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SYDNEY THEATRE AWARDS 2012 – a win for Snow on Mars

Rick Everett (horizontal) and Dean Cross (vertical) in Snow on Mars. Photo Branco Gaica

I was delighted to see that Snow on Mars, our production in last year’s Sydney Festival, won the Sydney Theatre Award as Best Production for Children. Continue reading


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SNOW ON MARS – for one week only

My play Snow on Mars opened last night. I’ll leave the serious reviewing to others, but thanks to the audience who came, laughed, gasped and applauded, and to Gale Edwards (director) Kim Carpenter (producer/designer) and the fabulous hard-working cast and crew from Theatre of Image. No-one can say it’s not a wonderful production to look at.

Rick Everett and Deborah Kennedy

Waylon (Rick Everett) runs rings around the planet.

Continue reading


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SYDNEY FESTIVAL – come to our city, see my show!

What’s the good of having a website if you can’t use it to plug your own work?

The program for next January’s Festival of Sydney 2011 has just been announced. John Malkovich and Emmylou Harris will be in it. So will Phillip Glass, Paul Kelly and Archie Roach. And so will I, with my latest theatre piece Snow on Mars, written for Kim Carpenter’s Theatre of Image. It will be in the York Theatre at the Seymour Centre from January 7-16.

Putting this play together has been a long process over several years, since Kim set up an initial conversation with Australia’s only astronaut, Andy Thomas. We had a lot of probing questions for him of course… Continue reading


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