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Sloterkade, Amsterdam. There is something to be said for getting up before the wind does.

Awake at 3.02am, 3.17am, 4.48am, 5.04am. Dammit. Might as well get up and take some photos from the balcony, then post them on the blog.
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NOW AND THEN #1 – Sloterkade, Amsterdam

We love visiting the Stadsarchief Amsterdam (City Archives). It’s free, the building is really impressive, the exhibitions and films of the city’s past are always entertaining, and it gives me ideas for blog posts…

Sloterkade 2011. The big pink building may not improve the streetscape, but it is a roof over our heads.

Sloterkade, date? Pre 1950s anyway. Photo - Stadsarchief Amsterdam.

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