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SCULPTURE BY THE SEA – popular winners announced

Winner of the people's choice award. South Korean artist Byeong-Doo Moon's Cosmic Elk

Prince Frederik of Denmark and our favourite Princess Mary from Tassie visited Sculpture by the Sea today and announced the winners of the popular choice awards.

The People’s Choice went to the one I picked as my favourite too. Damn! I’ve got the same low-brow taste in art as the Sydney hoi polloi. Continue reading


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SCULPTURE BY THE SEA 2011 – the wittiest and the prettiest

Simon McGrath - Who left the tap running?

I’m sure a lot of the appeal of Sculpture by the Sea is that much of the work doesn’t take itself too seriously. There is plenty here to make us smile. Continue reading


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SCULPTURE BY THE SEA, SYDNEY – magic ingredients

Not everyone comes for the art.

Why do hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom would never visit an art gallery, spend a few hours every November filing along a narrow cliff-top path past sculpture?

Simply because there is no public art event, anywhere in the world, as spectacular or as much fun as this one. No, I haven’t seen them all, but I defy anything to beat this. Continue reading


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ARTZUID – Amsterdam’s sculpture biennale opens

Jan Fabre (Belgium) - Search for Utopia

John and Yoko famously spent their honeymoon in bed in Amsterdam’s Hilton Hotel on the Apollolaan. If Artzuid had been on at the time, it may have drawn them down to the street.

This biennial art event (well, the first one was two years ago) is on its way to becoming a major Amsterdam institution. We hope it will get there. Continue reading


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SCULPTURE BY THE SEA – ah, the poetry of it all!

Stephen King - Hello Mate

My fellow blogger Jonathan Shaw has set himself the task of writing a sonnet every other day for the month of November, and has excelled himself this morning with his effort after visiting Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea. I can’t match it, Jonathan, but you did inspire me. I don’t know much about the sonnet form, so I set the poetry bar a bit lower…at the Beginners’ Level.

There was a young man from the west
Who put sculpture and sea to the test
The art that he saw
Left him thirsting for more
So he voted the bubbler the best.


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Finally the sun shines on what’s been a soggy event up until now. And once again it becomes a fabulous Sydney phenomenon.

Sculpture by the Sea always makes a splash in this fantastic location.

Beautiful backdrops...

...and I particularly like the pieces which pay homage to their environment.

Continue reading


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