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Farewell, my new lovelies!

The bags are packed, the boarding passes are printed (I still don’t trust those QR dots on my phone) and we’re ready to leave Amsterdam to fly back to family and friends Australia.

There are still a couple of hours left in a late summer’s day, in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. How to spend them?  Continue reading


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The entrance to the remodelled Rijksmuseum is worth a visit on its own, with Mr Calder as a bonus.

The entrance to the remodelled Rijksmuseum is worth a visit on its own, with Mr Calder as a bonus. And it’s free.

No time to queue for Rembrandt and Vermeer? Find the EUR15 entrance fee for the Rijksmuseum a bit steep? Hate crowds?

There is an alternative for cheapskate, agoraphobic art lovers. The gardens of the Rijksmuseum are a little treasure, and this year they’re graced by an exhibition of 14 large-scale works by an international superstar. Entry is free and there’s plenty of elbow room. Continue reading


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Why is everyone ignoring me?

Why is everyone ignoring me?

To celebrate the reopening of Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum, the surrounding gardens are hosting a fabulous exhibition of Henry Moore’s sculpture.

We don’t expect to see a better collection of the work of the great British artist, not anywhere, not ever. And certainly not for free. Continue reading


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REMBRANDT’S FLASH MOB – our heroes are back!

After nine years of renovation, Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum will reopen on April 13th. The single best known work is Rembrandt’s Night Watch, his group portrait of the volunteer militiamen who protected the city from evil-doers four centuries ago.

To celebrate the occasion, this entertaining Flash Mob was staged in a Dutch shopping centre, under the banner ‘Onze Helden Zijn Terug’ (Our heroes are back). It’s well worth 1 minute 26 seconds of your time. The modern militia in the video is not sponsored by wealthy burghers; note the ING Bank logos.

Rembrandt's Nightwatch. Image, Wikimedia Commons.

Rembrandt’s Nightwatch. Image, Wikimedia Commons.

We’re sorry we missed the event, but we’ll soon be back in Amsterdam to see the original painting in all its glory. We’re likely to stand in front of it for about 1 minute and 26 seconds.

Thanks, Duncan – friend, blogger, and fellow Flash Mob enthusiast – for letting me know about this one.


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SCHIPHOL AIRPORT–the art of being the best

IMG_4616If there’s a better airport than Schiphol for pre-flight culture anywhere in the world, I’d be very interested in seeing it.

At most of the world’s airports, time before or between flights is spent aimlessly browsing the duty free shops, converting currencies in your head and trying to calculate how much you could save by buying a bottle of whisky or an iPad case you don’t need.

The rule about using up local currency before you fly out is that whatever takes your fancy, be it a camera or a cup of coffee, it will always cost 5 cents more than the amount you still have jingling in your pocket. Continue reading


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REMBRANDT – a funny old master


Hiding behind the colour, the action, the noise and the Where’s Wally-like crowd of the painting most visitors to Amsterdam come to see is a detail I love. Continue reading


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