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One of Peter Erftemeijer's   "Three figures in the the street".

One of Peter Erftemeijer’s “Three figures in the street”.

A gentleman plucks at my sleeve as we’re leaving the excellent NeighbourFood market by the Westergasfabriek. ‘Excuse me, sir, I’m a poet.’

My companions move on quickly, but he has me trapped. He’s polite, well-dressed and well-spoken. Seems ok.

‘I’ve written a poem about that statue over there, and I’d like to recite it to you.’

I know the statue, pictured above. The poet continues, reciting his short poem to an audience of one. He’s not a beggar, he’s a real poet, one of forty taking part in Juni Gedicht (June Poetry), an event sponsored by the local council. Continue reading


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PEDALLING POETS – waxing lyrical in lycra

The spokes at summer sunset spake of roads unridden... Photo: Bram Tulloch

There’s nothing like a bike ride to inspire a man (or woman) to try jotting down a bit of verse.

Here follow some responses to my recent poetical post from Sydney Cyclist website correspondents Peter H and Will Wassell. I think you’ll agree that publication in major literary journals cannot be far away.

A man far crazier than thy,
who takes the great western hwy,
with space for none but a car or three.
Tis the M4 with a breakdown lane for me.
Peter H

A rider’s trials and tribulations be not kind
were you though carbound
would comfort of ride and effortless speed
dampen in thy minds spark
a yearning, a siren call to 2 wheels?
Think not I, though 4 wheel’d often
two is my calling
two eyes for the joy of sight
ears also two for the pleasure of sound
Legs two and strong, labouring
Two arms adamant ‘gainst the bars
Single mouth closed lest song of cycle be disturbed.
Will Wassell

Brilliant work, both of thee!

Further contributions gratefully accepted below.

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SCULPTURE BY THE SEA – ah, the poetry of it all!

Stephen King - Hello Mate

My fellow blogger Jonathan Shaw has set himself the task of writing a sonnet every other day for the month of November, and has excelled himself this morning with his effort after visiting Sydney’s Sculpture by the Sea. I can’t match it, Jonathan, but you did inspire me. I don’t know much about the sonnet form, so I set the poetry bar a bit lower…at the Beginners’ Level.

There was a young man from the west
Who put sculpture and sea to the test
The art that he saw
Left him thirsting for more
So he voted the bubbler the best.


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