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SURPRISE OPERA PERFORMANCES – Bravo! Encore! More please!

‘Barman’ at Cafe Iruna, Pamplona Spain.

During our visit to the opera at Soestdijk Palace, where the performance took place on (and often in) the lake, discussion turned to staging shows in unusual venues.

There are a couple of wonderful videos of impromptu opera performances on YouTube. Thanks, Duncan, for directing me to this one in Cafe Iruna in Pamplona, Spain. I feel particularly warm towards it, having enjoyed a good meal here in May.

I’m not the first to discover the YouTube clip – five million people have already watched it, and so should everybody else. Continue reading


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HASTA LA VISTA – six Spanish highlights

Great food, great company, striking art and plenty of sitting around in the sun.

We really enjoyed our time in Spain. We didn’t spend enough euros there to lift the Spanish out of their current economic problems, but we can heartily recommend that everyone else should go and do so – pronto.

Here’s a brief ‘best of’ from our trip. Continue reading


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CAMINO DE SANTIAGO – walking the road much travelled

Peregrinos coming through.

Making a pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago had never been on my bucket list. Everybody had ‘done’ the Camino, like they’d ‘done’ Kilimanjaro, the Milford Track and Machu Picchu.

I’ve yet to tackle any of those famous walks, being slightly deterred by their popularity, but now I’ve started along the Camino, I feel differently about it. Yes, lots of people have done it, hundreds of thousands of them, maybe millions over the centuries, and that’s the whole point. Continue reading


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PAMPLONA, HEMINGWAY – and a whole lot of bull


We began our pilgrimage along the famous Camino de Santiago at Pamplona, the town best known these days for the Festival of Saint Fermin, during which the brave, the foolish and the drunk stampede through the streets, pursuing and pursued by terrified cattle.

When the bulls are not running, which is most of the time, Pamplona is a lovely quiet place. Continue reading


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