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THE PRICE OF EATING GREEN – a little survey

Ten Kate Market...great looking vegies, but where have they been?

With our planned trip along the Pieperpad ahead, we’re taking more interest in organic food. We love the idea of organic farming. It sounds as if it will be good for our health, our taste buds and the environment.

It’s no surprise that it’s more expensive. We’re prepared to pay a premium for produce in a health food shop or farmers market, where we get the added benefit of being served by a healthy looking girl in a green apron or a bearded chap in a goats’ wool beanie who looks as if he was out tramping dewy fields in his gumboots, pulling vegetables out of the ground earlier that morning.

We want our eggs to have dark yellow yolks and to be laid by happy hens. In Holland they make a packaging distinction between an ‘egg’, a ‘free range egg’ (scharrelei) and a ‘free walking outside egg’ (vrij uitloop ei).

But how much more are people prepared to pay to buy organic?

Today I did a little price comparison between three local Amsterdam shopping establishments, all within a few hundred metres of each other. Continue reading


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