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HORSE POWER – sustainable energy

Harnessing the team.

Leo de Visser only tills his fields with a horse-drawn plough. At least, I think that’s what he said. The thick Zeeland accent is a challenge to a medium-level Dutch language student like me. Continue reading

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LOVE THE SPUD – the beautiful potato

Tulip season may be over, but the potato fields are blooming beautiful.

When potatoes were first introduced to Europe from their native Peru, nobody thought of eating them. They were exotic, beautiful garden plants.

Asse Aukes shows us around his farm, Gerbranda State, and in half an hour teaches us more about potatoes than we ever knew before. Continue reading


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HET PIEPERPAD – 1000km, pedalling on potatoes

Mevrouw T and I start a daunting new project this week – a 1000km bike ride, along the way eating potatoes grown on Dutch organic farms. We estimate it’s going to take us three weeks, if the wind and other weather conditions are kind and the Netherlands remain flat. Continue reading


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