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SYDNEY FESTIVAL, MIRAZOZO – inflated expectations

Mirazozo, Sydney Opera House forecourt.

There’s always something worth seeing on the forecourt of the Opera House during the Sydney Festival. The inflatable sculpture Mirazozo was ‘inspired by nature, geometry and islamic architecture’ says the information board. Were the creators, Architects of Air, too shy to mention its resemblance to parts of the female anatomy?

Waiting in the entrance queue for an hour (our own silly fault for not buying advance tickets online) gave us plenty of time to admire that other great sculpture that dominates the harbour.

It also gave me time to think up all sorts of headlines about ‘overblown art’, ‘so much hot air’…etc…

…and to read the program notes several times. This work from Nottingham has all been made by hand, it’s travelled to 38 countries and been seen by more than two million visitors. It’s a ‘luminarium’, a sculpture people enter to be bathed in radiant light and colour.

At last we were at the front of the queue, where we parked the strollers, took off our shoes, reminded the grandchildren that there are no toilets inside a luminarium and stepped in through the plastic flap. We were warned we should only stay twenty minutes, because others were waiting. It’s great that it’s so popular.

The ceiling is impressive...

...and we're encouraged to relax and listen to the new age music.

I like it, but 20 minutes of this will be sufficient.

It does make for interesting photography, even if you don't know what you're doing.

So, our verdict? It was impressive on the outside, though dwarfed by the Opera House itself, and a bit predictable on the inside. I would have liked to have seen more variety in the various internal spaces. The one area with a pillar inside it (pictured) was a welcome break, but when the vents pumping in cool air are highlights, as they were for many children, it suggests that more thought could go into constructing different events, textures and sounds inside the inflatable sculpture. But these are quibbles. I’m glad we waited so patiently.

NOTES: Entry to Mirazozo costs $10, or $8.50 per person for a group of four or more.


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