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PHONEOGRAPHY CHALLENGE – My neighbourhood, where the coffee is real!

Okay, it's a little fuzzy, but so am I at this hour of the morning. What matters is that the coffee has some colour in it. Take note, all ye would-be baristas!

Okay, it’s a little blurry, but so am I at this hour of the morning. What matters is that the coffee has some colour in it. Take note, all ye would-be baristas!

For once I’ve done this Weekly Photo Challenge strictly according to the rules. The instructions were to depict the delights of your neighbourhood as seen through the hole in the back of your phone.

So armed with nothing but an iPhone 4, out I went into the streets of Marrickville, Sydney, NSW, Australia. First stop was the Post Cafe – the old post office now converted into something far more useful early on a Saturday morning. Continue reading


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MARRICKVILLE MERMAID – the daring, diving Annette Kellerman

Annette Kellerman in 1916, doing the first nude scene in a major motion picture – A Daughter of the Gods. Also possibly the first woman to appear unclad on this blog. Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia.

Mevrouw T’s recovery from knee surgery involves regular trips to the hydrotherapy pool at our local Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre. It’s an excellent state-of-the-art swimming facility and wellness centre (a pool and gym in other, plainer words).

While my wife bobs in the water practising knee bends, I have time to imbibe the morning heart-starter from Kellerman’s Cafe and study the plaques telling me about Marrickville’s famous daughter. It’s an extraordinary story. Continue reading


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One more cup of coffee for the road


Oh no, we’ve miscalculated! Mevrouw T and I have at least half an hour to kill between getting the Sydney house Dutch-quality spotless for the tenants and heading to the airport to spend four months away.

How to fill those unforgiving minutes? Drink one final cup of excellent Sydney coffee…and blog about it. Continue reading


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MARRICKVILLE FESTIVAL – a multicultural Sydney snapshot

It's a cliché, but we do live in a melting pot. Click on this photo, zoom in and you'll see it happening.

The annual Marrickville Festival is not exactly a spontaneous event. The council, keen to promote goodwill, harmony and understanding, funds and organises it. But we’re always willing to join in when it happens. Continue reading


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