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AMSTERDAM TO LELYSTAD – and back – ouch!

The replica of the Batavia, and Antony Gormley’s Exposure

I feel some sympathy for those who planned Lelystad. Damming the sea and creating 1400 square kilometres of dry land is hard enough; building a brand new town that people will love is even harder.

The city fathers of Lelystad have been trying their best, but people from longer established parts of the Netherlands still sneer at the place. It has some smart modern architecture, the New Land Museum, a replica of the ship Batavia and some interesting public art but where’s the soul? Where’s the atmosphere? Continue reading


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MARKENMEER – a 170km cycling loop from Amsterdam

The road north out of Amsterdam

I set myself another cycling project this week – to ride around the Zuider Zee. 170km is further than I want to ride in a day, and a force 4 gale coming up from the south-west makes riding by the water tough at times.

Fortunately there are stations nicely spaced along the route, and trains with compartments for bikes shuttle back to Amsterdam a couple of times an hour. I can take it one day at a time. Continue reading


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FLEVOLAND – spuds from the sea

Niek Vos and several hundred experimental new potato species ready for planting.

Cycling on safe, flat bike paths and quiet country roads, gentle tail winds blowing between green fields, stopping for a pleasant chat with potato farmers, taking a break for coffee and apple cake at a World Heritage village and finally, after a satisfying 90 kilometres, sleeping in a comfortable chalet – just another day on the Pieperpad. Continue reading


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The big head in Lelystad

Our fitness is building steadily, but we’re not ashamed to admit that certain parts of our bodies get tired after the days and hours we’ve been spending on the bike, riding the Pieperpad.

Fortunately the Netherlands has plenty of interesting art scattered by the roadside. Continue reading


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