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KATHMANDU, NEPAL – burning bodies in public

Life in Kathmandu happens on the street. I expected that. I wasn’t quite prepared to witness a public cremation on my first day in town. The Hindu temple at Pashupati area is a favourite tourist attraction here. It’s not particularly beautiful as temples go, but tourists come here to see the monkeys scooting around, to photograph the painted holy hermits, and to see bodies burned. Continue reading


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CHANGI AIRPORT, Singapore – 3am

I don’t recommend being stuck in an airport for nine hours, particularly when those hours are from 12.30am to 9.30am. However, if you can’t avoid it (because for example, your plane from Sydney doesn’t quite neatly connect with your flight to Kathmandu), then Changi is a good airport to stay in. There are so many new and wonderful experiences available there. Continue reading


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HIMALAYAN EXPEDITION – what gear to take?

I leave for Nepal today. The scenery should be spectacular, the physical challenge should be good for me (“that which doesn’t kill me makes me strong”), the cultural exchange with the Sherpas and buddhist monks should be fascinating. But I may need some stuff to play with. Continue reading


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