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Chalid leads the way...though I'm ahead of him on this occasion.

Khalid leads the way…though I’m ahead of him on this occasion.

“One of the world’s most famous places that nobody knows about,” says my Dutch hiking friend Bert.

We’re perched on a ridge above a wild canyon that drops several hundred metres to a dry river bed. My stomach is dropping with it; heights are not my strong suit. Away to our right is a patch of bright green, surrounded by clay houses camouflaging themselves by matching the ochre of the surrounding hills.

It is an amazing sight, and we have it all to ourselves. We don’t even know the name of the canyon or the village.

Is there anywhere else in the world to compare to this?

Is there anywhere else in the world anything like this?

That’s the appeal. Spectacular though it is, few people visit this part of Morocco, a six hour drive from Marrakesh. At the height of the trekking season we’ve met only one other group on our five-day adventure. For a combination of scenery, exotic culture and a sense of adventure, this trek in Morocco’s Ouarzazate region is as wild as anything I’ve ever done.

The full story on this blog will have to wait until I’ve made proper efforts to sell it. Meanwhile, here’s an assortment of pictures to whet your appetite. It was hard to choose! Continue reading


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