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EVERYTRAIL–into Sydney by bike and iPhone app


My bike is okay, my legs need some work, my iPhone photos are at best average, the red line marking the route I took sometimes misses a bridge and lands in the water, but riding into Sydney and mapping my route with EveryTrail was fun. Continue reading


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A beacon in the backpack.

I’ve recently acquired a smart phone. It’s smarter than I am anyway. It can remember my appointments, tell me if it’s raining and whip me at chess.

There are these things called ‘apps’ for smart phones. Maybe you knew that. I googled ‘How many apps are there?’ and the answer was 500,000. Approximately. Whatever you’re into, there’s an app. I’m into travel, so I googled ‘How many travel apps are there?’ on my ancient (2010 model) computer. A year ago there were 17,000 – ah, the field narrows!

I googled on. ‘Best travel apps’. 111,000,000 entries. Nobody seems to agree here, though a few apps turned up on several reviews. I ‘bought’ some – all free, naturally. I’m h(app)y with the ones I found… Continue reading


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TOP BIKE NAVIGATION APP – for less than $5

Damn! Which way to Amstelveen?

We should never get lost on the bikes again, not in Nederland.

We’ve downloaded a navigation app called ‘FIETS’ (that’s Dutch for ‘bike’) onto Mevrouw T’s iPad. It cost EUR2.99, and does the job even without 3G, which we’re too stingy to buy. The system is in Dutch, but not hard to operate and I think it’s excellent value.

Here’s how it works… Continue reading


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