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HIKING AT THE END OF THE WORLD – above Iceland’s deserted fiords

Climbing Mt Hvitserkur. That’s our team up ahead – there’s nobody else around.

My mainstream media client has just published my article about our fabulous trek in Iceland, so I can now release the full story on this blog. Let me simply say it is one of the best treks I’ve ever done in my life.

‘Stop a moment,’ says Rob. ‘You hear it?’

We’re the photographers in the party. On yet another high col we’ve lagged behind our hiking group to take yet more panoramic shots. My boots crunch to a halt. I listen.

‘Hear what?’ I ask.

‘The silence.’

For the first time I notice it. No murmur of traffic, no hum of a town in a distant valley. There’s not a blade of grass and not a breath of wind to rustle it. It’s impossible to imagine a deeper silence. It was probably often like that during the five days we’ve been walking, but I was distracted by the scenery. Continue reading


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The fewer the people, the more popular it becomes.

This week the Sun-Herald newspaper in Sydney asked six travel writers to choose their dream destinations.

I was flattered to be on the invitation list and had little difficulty picking my current favourite place on the planet. I was surprised to see most of my fellow writers, all of whom get around a bit, joining me in choosing ‘great escape’ locations. Continue reading


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THE YEAR THAT WAS 2011 – our travel highlights

Getting there sometimes required some effort. That's why they call them highlights. This hump is Mt Hvitserkur, Iceland.

I’ll be taking a short break from writing, blogging and nearly everything else (except collecting material for new posts) until the New Year. So it’s time for a look back at highlights of the year that’s oh so nearly passed. Continue reading


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The weather has been good, but I think I'm getting out of here just in time.

Farewell, Iceland. It’s been a great trip. Continue reading


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HARPA – Reykjavik’s new concert hall sparkles

There's still work to be done on the forecourt, but it's nearly there...

Icelanders’ traditional architecture consists of stone huts covered in turf, so it will be a big event in Reykjavik on August 20, 2011, when the extraordinary glass concert hall Harpa is inaugurated. Continue reading


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EINAR JONSSEN – Iceland’s great sculptor

Einar Jonssen - Earth

One of Reykjavik’s attractions is the sculpture garden dedicated to the work of Einar Jonssen (1874-1954).

I like it – classical, rich in symbolism. I can’t claim to understand all the symbolism, but it does intrigue.

The work is beautifully executed, and stays still when you point a camera at it, patiently waiting while you choose your angle.
Continue reading


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