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TRAVELLER ZOO – Mappus consultor impetuoso

Mappus consultor impetuoso
These creatures are generally, though not exclusively, male. They can commonly be seen in labyrinthine old cities, guidebook in hand, confidently leading family groups into blind alleys.
Identifying call: ‘No, we don’t need to ask directions. I know exactly where we are.’

* Illustrator Simon Letch and I have been contributing a weekly cartoon to the Traveller section of the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age, introducing readers to the curious species we meet on the road. I’m releasing some of them into the wilds of cyberspace…one at a time.


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Oh, those Queenslanders are funny people!

You have to pay attention or you could easily miss something.

Yes, of course it was by the dog park.

Yes, of course it was by the dog park.

Outside the restaurants in the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Outside the restaurants in the Brisbane Powerhouse.

No Understanding


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WORLD’S WORST HOTEL – and proud of it

Part of Hans Brinker’s advertising campaign.

Bragging about your luxurious stay in a six-star hotel won’t make people jealous; they’ll think you’re crass, unimaginative and richer than you deserve to be.

Brag about your worst hotel experiences and you establish yourself as an intrepid traveller, a courageous citizen of the world.

Amsterdam’s Hans Brinker Budget Hotel is playing up its credentials as the world’s worst accommodation, hoping to attract the brave, the curious and those looking for an impressive traveller’s tale.

Could it really be as bad as the website suggests? Continue reading


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ALCOHOL ON PLANES – my Huffington Post debut

So tell us, Richard, how did it feel when the guy threw up on you?

Early start this morning. My day began with an invitation to appear on Huff Post Live, in a panel discussion about whether alcohol should be banned on planes. I qualified as an expert witness on this topic, apparently, having once been the recipient of a projectile vomit from across the aisle.

It was my first appearance on an American talk show. I soon discovered that it’s not a hard gig since the Americans do most of the talking, and all you have to do as a panellist is laugh at their jokes.

That was easy too. The discussion between my fellow guests (a flight attendant, a passengers’ rights advocate and the Huffington Post travel editor) was very entertaining and I could comfortably play the straight guy.

Moderator Marc moved us around the topics. From drinking on planes we discussed other bad behaviour by passengers, screaming kids, use of mobile devices and finally, inevitably, Mile High Club adventures. I had little to contribute on that last subject.

Thanks for having me aboard, Huff Post Live. It was fun.

Here’s the link to the segment.

What do you think? Would you prefer alcohol to be banned from flights? Have you had any bad experiences with airborne drunks? Could you manage without the booze or is it all that gets you through the long haul?


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McGREETINGS FROM AMERICA – have an easy breezy day!

I enjoy language, and admire those who use it in original ways.

I’ve been online, booking accommodation for an upcoming trip to the USA, and have been much entertained by the inventive alternatives to ‘enjoy!’ and ‘have a nice day’ that pepper the correspondence.

A hotel ‘Front Desk Talent member’ wins the prize for exhorting me to ‘have an easy breezy day’, but there were other worthy contributions… Continue reading


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Oh no, hits are only up 7.3% on this time three weeks ago!

My blog just set a record for number of hits. It smashed my previous best monthly tally, even in puny little 29-day February. This month is shaping up to be even better.

So why am I not happy? Continue reading


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