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THE PLACE TO STAY – when you’re a VIP in Hobart

The Atrium Tea Room, Hadley's Orient Hotel, Hobart.

The Atrium Tea Room, Hadley’s Orient Hotel, Hobart.

Roald Amundsen wasn’t happy in Hobart in 1912. Apart from being besieged by media wanting the scoop story of his epic trek to the South Pole, we’re told he recorded in his diary that his room in Hadley’s Orient Hotel was ‘miserable’.

Really? The man had just spent months sharing a tent with four smelly Norwegian mates and some huskies and he found a warm hotel room a bit squeezy?

It’s hard to imagine he’d have much to complain about in Hadley’s these days, especially if he stayed in the spacious suite that now bears his name. Continue reading


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Hobart's Theatre Royal - destined for destruction in the 1950s, but saved!

Hobart’s Theatre Royal – once destined for destruction, but now saved and flourishing.

I hope I never get over the excitement of seeing a play in an iconic venue, particularly when I’ve written the play myself.

While The 26-Storey Treehouse was playing in the Sydney Opera House in January, I loved strolling smugly past the tourists taking their selfies outside, flashing my backstage pass at the Stage Door and walking through to chat with the cast and crew, then heading out into the foyer to mingle with the audience. It was my theatre for the month.

Now the play is on tour, this week in the oldest theatre in Australia, and arguably the most beautiful. Continue reading


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OUR SECOND OLDEST NATIONAL PARK – and the most beautiful?

Russell Falls started it all.

19th century interest in Russell Falls started it all.

Australia’s oldest national park is the Royal National Park south of Sydney. Mt Field wasn’t far behind.

It was declared a nature reserve in 1885 and became a national park in 1916. It also has a dubious distinction as the place the last known Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, was captured in 1933; they’ve changed the rules about taking nearly extinct species out of national parks since then.

Now it is one of Tasmania’s most popular parks, partly because it is only 64km from Hobart, and partly because it contains some of the most beautiful and varied terrain in the state, the country or indeed on the planet. We were happy to join the day-trippers on a short walk to the gorgeous Russell Falls – carrying the camera of course. Continue reading


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Our favourite was the first thing we saw.

Our favourite piece was the first work we saw.

My Scottish Presbyterian forefathers were sure no good could ever come of money not earned by hard work combined with thrift. David Walsh has proved them wrong.

His professional gambling earned him a fortune. He somehow managed to avoid paying the $37million the Australian Tax Office claimed he owed them and used it to buy art instead.

In 2011 he generously opened his collection to the public in MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art, an extraordinary new gallery which has rapidly become Tasmania’s premier tourist attraction. Continue reading


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