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THE JANE HOTEL – the Titanic in New York

The staff probably hate wearing those old-style bellhop uniforms, but it does add to the theatrical atmosphere.

In the space of a few years, the Meatpacking District has been transformed from the part of town where dead cows were chopped up into a trendy cafe and fashion district. ‘A Hollywood version of New York,’ scoffed my Brooklyn-born local expert, ‘where everyone is thin, beautiful and has a dog-walker.’

And by golly he was right about the Meatpacking dog walkers.

What hasn’t changed so much is the Jane Hotel.

Survivors of the Titanic were put up here while they waited for the inquiry into the disaster, and Mevrouw T and I spent a night as their guests too. That may not be quite as historic, but we won’t forget it in a hurry. Continue reading


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THE HIGH LINE – recycling, New York style

Once a railway, now a wonderful walkway.

At last, there’s something to do in New York after climbing the Empire State Building, snapping the Statue of Liberty and falling asleep with jetlag during The Lion King…

New York’s High Line is quite simply a fabulous, visionary idea that will surely repay its cost many times over.

Turning a disused overhead railway line into an urban park has given the city a whole new ‘must see’ tourist attraction as well as providing a facility for locals.

Here’s the story… Continue reading


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