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MIND THE GAP (and watch your head)

Anecdotal evidence: If I hadn’t been wearing my helmet, my hair may have been messed up too.

The most divisive topic in Australian cycling circles is no longer ‘Did Lance dope?’ Now that one’s been so sadly settled we can get back to our favourite controversy – ‘Should helmets be compulsory?

Here I go, head first over the handlebars into the hornets’ nest…

If you wear a helmet in Holland you’re a show-off. If you don’t wear one in Australia you’re a bloody idiot – possibly literally. Continue reading


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This isn't me. It's the lady on the website who seems to be very happy with the system.

I had a day in Melbourne and a few things I wanted to do around town, so I tried out their much-maligned city Bike Share system.

I’d heard all the complaints and the reasons it would never work. ‘The bikes are too heavy.’ ‘If you want to ride you’ll have your own bike.’ ‘Visitors won’t know how to work the system’. And the perennial biggie: ‘It will never take off while helmets are compulsory.’ Well, we’ll see… Continue reading


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