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THE PLACE TO STAY – when you’re a VIP in Hobart

The Atrium Tea Room, Hadley's Orient Hotel, Hobart.

The Atrium Tea Room, Hadley’s Orient Hotel, Hobart.

Roald Amundsen wasn’t happy in Hobart in 1912. Apart from being besieged by media wanting the scoop story of his epic trek to the South Pole, we’re told he recorded in his diary that his room in Hadley’s Orient Hotel was ‘miserable’.

Really? The man had just spent months sharing a tent with four smelly Norwegian mates and some huskies and he found a warm hotel room a bit squeezy?

It’s hard to imagine he’d have much to complain about in Hadley’s these days, especially if he stayed in the spacious suite that now bears his name. Continue reading


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