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STREET ART – Newtown, Sydney

Nice work, Fukt! Banksy will be saying, ‘Damn! Wish I’d thought of that!’

I have a little assignment (paid, thanks) to write about Newtown, the inner city Sydney suburb.

As I wandered the streets and back lanes, researching the best coffee, restaurants, bookshops and bars (what a tough job I have!) some more-interesting-than-the-usual-rubbish street art caught my eye. Continue reading


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NEW YORK STREET ART – graffiti, only smarter

Eyes 2


I spent a very interesting afternoon as the guest of Matt Levy of The Levys’ Unique New York! tours, as he led a group of Australian art students around the backblocks of Brooklyn and Queens, admiring the street art.

There is no shortage of graffiti of course, scrawled on every available bit of wall, but there are also many places where artists have been given permission to create large-scale public works. Continue reading


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