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NEW ZEALAND – world’s best for cycle touring?

Undulations down beside Lake Hawea

Few of us look our best in Lycra in the early-morning light. I kept this in mind as I checked out my fellow riders in the Adventure South minivan, rolling out of Queenstown to the start of our guided ride, hoping they would make allowances for my appearance, too.

Nine of us would be spending six days cycling together, taking in the hills, the food, the beverages and the sights of New Zealand’s South Island. It helps to get on with everybody in a small group. And when the cycling starts, you want to be able to keep up. Continue reading


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CYCLING NEW ZEALAND – Fox Glacier to Jackson in pictures

Louise donned her Kiwi shirt for the occasion, and bravely faced the hills.

The final days of our cycling tour took us up the lovely West Coast, sometimes by the beach, sometimes by lakes, often up into the hills and the forests. Continue reading


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FOX GLACIER, NEW ZEALAND – treading on thick ice

We took a morning off from cycling, but that didn’t mean taking it easy.

We packed in a hike to see the sun come up, a tramp on a glacier, a picnic with a view, then a short sharp pedal over short sharp hills.

In the cold grey light of dawn we stumbled out to Lake Mathieson, a ‘reflection lake’ which makes a perfect mirror on a still clear day.

Lake Mathieson just before dawn. Thanks, Dutch photographer Sandig (?) for lending me the tripod.

That left us about 90 seconds to eat breakfast and swallow the heart-starting double flat white before joining a Fox Glacier Guiding expedition. Continue reading


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CYCLING NEW ZEALAND – days 2/3 Wanaka to Fox Glacier

Is there any better way to start a day than with a ride along Lake Hawea?

I don’t mind admitting I suffered on Day 2.

The distance (about 80km) was not the problem, but two solid climbs, first to The Neck and then to Haast Pass, sucked the energy and enthusiasm out of my legs, lungs, stomach and all other parts of my body and brain. I tried eating my own fat, but even that gave only temporary relief. Continue reading


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