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WALDORF ASTORIA – five stars in sensible shoes

Please wipe your feet before entering.

Do other people worry that they will feel awkward and inadequate in high class hotels? Or is it just me?

Mevrouw T and I generally travel on a tight budget, so we rarely see how the 1% live when on the road.  Is it a treat or an ordeal to join them for a day or two?

Here’s my report on our recent five star Chicago experience… Continue reading


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WE GO FIVE STAR – in some of Chicago’s best hotels

The lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel, Chicago. Slightly intimidating, until you get to know it.

Ooh, it would be nice to get used to this!

It was a pleasant surprise, though somewhat daunting, to be invited to write about the Chicago hotels where people stay when they’re either very rich or plain folks who have decided to splurge.

Regular visitors to this blog will know that Mevrouw T and I are not usually five star people. We normally ride our bikes to basic B&Bs or sleep in mountain refuges. The places and the journeys between them are what interest us; a hotel is just somewhere to lay our heads, though we hope it’s hygienic, comfortable and not shared with a football team on a post-season booze-up.

We sometimes feel intimidated by lobbies like the one pictured above, so it was nice to find that we were welcome, even when we hadn’t visited a laundromat for a few days and our shoes were showing signs of wear. Continue reading


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