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MARKENMEER – a 170km cycling loop from Amsterdam

The road north out of Amsterdam

I set myself another cycling project this week – to ride around the Zuider Zee. 170km is further than I want to ride in a day, and a force 4 gale coming up from the south-west makes riding by the water tough at times.

Fortunately there are stations nicely spaced along the route, and trains with compartments for bikes shuttle back to Amsterdam a couple of times an hour. I can take it one day at a time. Continue reading


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RONDE HOEP – a 40km loop ride from Amsterdam

Out past the village of Nes aan de Amstel. The 18th century writers Betje Wolff and Aagje Degen, depicted in this little sculpture by Hans Bayens

Cows, dykes, windmills, Rembrandt, locks, churches, appeltaart, a Spinoza connection (no, that’s not a European group-set brand) and roads with no potholes – a perfect little cycling loop out of Amsterdam. Continue reading

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RAIN – potatoes happy, cyclists not

You have to laugh, though sometimes we forget to.

This is Holland, where water is always around us, often under our feet and regularly falling on us from above.

We have been undertaking some wet weather product research so you lucky readers don’t have to do it yourselves… Continue reading


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Dutch appeltaart, available at every roadside cafe and the cyclist's worst enemy.

You would think that cycling 50-90km a day would have a desirable effect on the waistline. On the Pieperpad, things don’t work that way. Here’s why… Continue reading


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DOKKUM, FRIESLAND – old-timers in the old town

Unfortunately I can’t promise you a show like this every time you visit Dokkum. That’s a pity, because although it caused a major traffic jam, the event certainly brought the place to life. Continue reading


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THE MILK ROBOT – turning grass into ice-cream

Organic cow #10100010011101 - otherwise known as Daisy.

Innocent city folk can learn a lot from cycling the Dutch Pieperpad .

Today I had my first encounter with a milk robot. Continue reading


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